WebPage Update

In next days we plan update web page to new one...

Users can expect that some functions on page stop working...


24.2.2015 - Forum is back online :)

Centrafuse 4.3.4 Plugin updates

I would like announce that most of my plugins will be updated in next days. This depend of changes in 4.3.4 SDK, CML and skin.

Plugins will be updated in this order:

1.) Calc (Already on CF Market)

2.) USBRelay (Already on CF Market)

3.) GPSEngine (Already on CF Market)

4.) GPSTrack (Already on CF Market)

5.) TripComputer (Already on CF Market)

6.) Sygic

7.) WEBRadio

8.) PSU

Centrafuse 4.0 Plugin updates

I would like announce that all my plugins will be updated in next days. This depend of changes in 4.0 SDK, CML and skin.

Plugins will be updated in this order:

1.) USBRelay (Already on CF Market)

2.) GPSEngine (Already on CF Market)

3.) GPSTrack (Already on CF Market)

4.) TripComputer (Already on CF Market)

5.) WEBRadio (Already on CF Market)

6.) Sygic (Already on Forum)

7.) Calc (Already on CF Market)


Also all customers which are make orders after 1.10.2010 will get FREE license upgrade for 4.X versions of plugins(Requested by email) other customers will get 50% discount COUPON code(Requested also by email) to make new order for 4.X license which will be valid for all 4.X Centrafuse versions.

Announcing Centrafuse Auto 4.0


Fusers, we're pleased to announce once again, an evolutionary milestone for automotive software technology - introducing Centrafuse Auto 4.0.


Centrafuse Auto 4.0 looks to take another step in bridging the gap between in-vehicle apps and the internet cloud. For the first time, with Centrafuse Connect, users are able to create and sync media playlists, look up and save future map locations seamlessly from the comfort your home web browser. Fused with the world's first true in-car application marketplace, Centrafuse Market, this release ushers in a new breed of premium connected-car apps that will take your in-vehicle infotainment experience to a whole new level. 


Read more about the 4.0 release - Official 4.0 Release Announcement


Purchase your copy of Centrafuse today and fully experience what Centrafuse Auto, Connect, Market, with FREE SDK and development tools have to offer!


Existing customers, your loyalty will garner in a  discounted upgrade price set at only $49.99!  Log into your account for full upgrade details.

Below you'll find a summarized list of the exciting new features included with the 4.0 release.

Core / Media / Navigation / Radio

  • Native iPod/iPod Touch & iPhone media playback support
  • Introducing all new cloud-based service: Centrafuse Connect
  • Create and sync your playlists from your favorite browser
  • Dedicated HD Radio functionality, ability to save HD presets
  • Recently Added playlists shows newly imported music
  • New "Add to current queue" button in Library
  • Active navigation header - temporarily auto-switches to media header on new track (optional)
  • Updated 2010 North America maps for Destinator 
  • True cross-platform support for Win32, WinCE and Linux 
  • Plus loads more...  

 Improved Multi-monitor support

  • Secondary screens now support multiple pages
  • Secondary screens now support custom button layouts  

 All new paid version of Centrafuse Market

  • Developers - Sell your apps through Centrafse Market 
  • Access to premium apps 
  • Added support for Skins

 Graphics / Skin / UI Enhancements

  • Improved effect profiles, snappier UI performance
  • Improved listview performance
  • New horizontal volume slider  

 SDK / Developer Updates

  • Create simple demo/POC apps directly from CML, without the need of .DLLs or coding
  • Simple licensing tools to protect your paid apps on Market
  • WinCE support, new WinCE SDK sample project 
  • New API's, hotkeys, CMLData, CMLText and more  

For a complete list of release notes, please view this thread.

For more information on upgrade options and installation directions, view this thread.


And be sure to check out our all new video - Centrafuse Connect Overview


Want to make sure Centrafuse 4.0 is fully compatible with your system before purchasing the retail version? Not a problem! We fully encourage you to download our FREE 30-day trial from our website first.


Experience Centrafuse 4.0 - Grab the 30-Day Free Trial Today!